Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feathered Friends

Cool weather has brought additional birds to the feeder in the backyard.  One reason seems to be the peanuts that I added this year.  My husband’s adorable family enjoys a round of Dirty Santa each Christmas.  I usually won’t steal since I like to dive under the tree for an unopened gift, but if someone steals from me, then I delight in getting something fabulous in return.  This year, I took a bird feeder and food.  Getting home, I found that it was a bag of peanuts from Wild Birds Unlimited.  True to its name, I have seen an unlimited amount of birds since then. The photos are shot through a double-pane glass, so I apologize for the translucency.
The Tufted Titmouse is a frequent visitor, but it doesn’t stay still very long.
Robin Redbreast was an early guest this year, staying until the food is gone.  I have to replenish once he’s had his fill.
The cardinal stays year-round.  He seemed comfortable hanging out near the poinsettias.
The woodpeckers are drawn to the suet and peanuts.
The wren I know well and love dearly.  I’m not sure what the grey and white birdie is.  He has a yellow patch on his rump and under his wing.  He has quite an attitude, too. Look at that expression!

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