Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great Mug Swap from

When I was in sixth grade, the “thing to do” was to have a pen pal.  Isn’t it great fun to get mail from someone you’ve never met and imagine what he or she is like--and dream about whether you'll ever meet him/her?  With the advance of social networks, it is so easy to meet people through a wide variety of means.   When mentioned a mug swap, I was immediately in. 

Our mission was to scope out our assigned recipient and find out what that person would like.  I looked at the blog site of my mystery receiver as well as her Pinterest pins to find out a little bit about her.  It is obvious that she is a great person, one that would be fun to be around.

I went shopping and looked at dozens of mugs.  I didn’t see anything that seemed “right” at one store, so I went elsewhere.  There, I found what I hope will make her smile.  Since she seems to be a busy, on-the-go creative sort, I decided on a travel-type mug that can go places with her, even outdoors.

Here’s what I found:

I thought the flowers seemed appropriate, and it seemed a little “artsy,” like her.  The butterflies remind me of those outdoors right now.

Something done in the South is to give a little something extra, or “lagniappe”.  My lagniappe included some chocolate as well as little  coffee and tea.  Hope she likes it!


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