Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tea for Two

The leaves are largely still green, but the single red, yellow, or gold leaf here and there is peeking out. For the second night in a row, the temperatures reminded us that fall is in the air.   Ah, the crisp chill is a welcome relief to the summer heat.  It is time to let the fall feeling be felt inside as well, so away go the pinks and light colors into storage; out come the browns, reds, and ochre tones.  The dining room is the first room to shed its summer colors.  Goodbye pastel candles.  Hello autumn shades of green and orange!

The birds are coming in full force, not to nest, but to settle into a winter home.  The feeders are being emptied by a great variety of birdies.  Even the bird bath is getting a lot of use and needs frequent filling.

For an intimate tea for two, homage is given to our newly-arriving feathered friends.  The table is set in colors appropriate to late summer/early fall.  For ease in conversation, we will sit at the small table by the living room bay window and enjoy the view of the front garden. 

Since the table is small, only 30 inches in diameter, a generously-sized tea cloth is a perfect size.

A snipping of bay leaf and rosemary complement the greens in the cloth.
A favorite pair of ceramic birds watch over two nests: one of marble eggs and one of papier mache.
An arrangement of feathers, mostly pheasant, make the birds feel at home. 
The white china is Franciscan's Country Fayre, while the teapot, cups and saucers are from Teavana. (They are perfect for soup, by the way.)  Tableware is Oneida Raphael, my everyday flatware from the early days in our marriage.  The napkin rings that hold flowers were on eBay and are by Two's Company.  Stemware is Royal Crystal Rock that was found when walking past a booth in an antique mall.  The dish holding the marble eggs is Arthur Court.  The feathers are from a long forgotten store when traveling, as are the papier mache eggs.  The birds are most likely from HomeGoods or perhaps At Home.  Finally, the tea cloth is Tableau Black by April Cornell and was found at Tuesday Morning.
Lunch is nearly ready.  Shall we dine?
I am taking part in Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch.

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  1. Love your textures. Wonderful feathers. Looks like such an elegant autumn table.